I'm UX/UI designer and front-end developer who enjoys creating good stuff for web. I live in Uzbekistan (It is unknown country somewhere in central Asia).

My journey in IT started in 2005 when I was 15. That time Macromedia (Adobe) Flash was very popular technology. I used to create animations and mini games with little actionscript coding. Later that technology became less popular and no browser supported it. Then I moved to web design.

Untill now I designed and coded more than hundreds of websites. Worked at many web studios, agencies, worked as freelancer and still helping companies to improve their websites

You can know more about me on linkedin: linkedin.com/in/vosidiy/

So, Why I made this library? The answer is....
During the past 6-7 years I've made design for hundreds of online shops and e-commerce projects. Usually I prefer to convert them into html code by myself. So, there are huge number of html pages and css files in my computer. Sometimes I re-use previous code. Because most of e-commerce websites are similar to each other.

Later I decided to create a library which contains all neccessary elements of e-commerce. Then I made bootstrap-ecommerce.com. After that people started asking me if there is a Tailwind version. Here it is now

What we do?

Userflow (UX) audit

We check if your website is understandable by users. We check if there is any difficulty and obstacle.

Design audit

Good typography and colors may impress users at first visit. We check if there is mistakes on design of interface.

Front-end code audit

Optimization code affects performace of website. We check html/css code to ensure if there is any unused "trash" code.

Web design

We create user friendly mobile apps and websites to impress your clients.
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